Controller of Examination
Mr Nasir Ghani(Assistant Proffesor)


Internal examinations/tests are held regularly as per the schedule given below:

Internal Examination
First Term December/January
Second Term /Send-Ups May /June
  1. Results will be announced with in two weeks of the last paper.
  2. Absentees and students with unsatisfactory performance are liable to be punished as decided by the college council, leading to expulsion from the college.
  3. The course completion certificate is issued to a student after he/she completes his/her course but a student becomes ineligible for grant of certificate if he/she does not get through the internal examination.
  4. Results are communicated to the parents of students.


The teacher/staff member conducting the examination will report unfair means cases to the Controller of Examination for necessary action and in this case the following points will be observed:

  1. If it is found that a student has access to, or is in possession of, papers/books or notes which might possibly be of assistance to him/her. But his/her access to or possession of such books, notes or papers was inadvertent and was not malafide, his/her answer book shall be cancelled as a disciplinary measure without any implication of moral turpitude.
  2. In other cases of such possession, student shall be declared fail in all courses in that semester/examination.
  3. A student detected in giving or receiving assistance or found copying from any paper, book or note or from the answer book of another student or is found allowing another student to copy from his/her answer book or using or attempting to use these or any other unfair means, shall be deemed fail.
  4. A student found in possession of fire-arms or anything capable of being used as a weapon of offense in the examination room shall be liable to expulsion from the examination room by the teacher/staff member conducting the examination.
  5. A student who refuses to obey the teacher/staff member conducting the examination in the examination room or creates disturbance during the examination, stages a walk out, resorts to a pen-down strike, or   instigates other students to do so or otherwise misbehaves in or around the examination room shall be liable to expulsion by the teacher/staff member concerned, from the examination room as well as to any of the following disciplinary actions according to the seriousness of offense.
  • Cancellation of the answer book concerned
  • Debarred from one examination.
  • Debarred from more than one examination.



  • External Examination will be held as per schedule of University of the Punjab.
  • The rules framed/modified by the University of the Punjab from time to time are followed by the college.


A student will be allowed to appear in the final University examination

  1. No inquiry is pending against him/her.
  2. He/She has passed internal examination.
  3. His/Her attendance in the college is not less than the requirement of the University of the Punjab, Lahore.

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