The college has male and female hostels. Residence in the hostel is a privilege and not a right. The enrollment of students in the college, therefore, does not offer any right for automatic enrollment entry in hostel. Separate applications form are to be submitted for hostel accommodation. For all purposes hostel activities and functions are separate and independent of college activities and functions.




The Director of College is the controlling authority of the hostels. Hostel affairs are supervised by the two wardens (one for male and one for female Hostels). The Hostel wardens are responsible for the smooth conduct of hostel affairs. He/She executes the instruction of the Director concerning boarders. Maintenance of law and order in the hostel is the responsibility of the warden. The warden is assisted by the Hostel Superintendents to run day to day affairs of the hostels.


  1. Only the college students are eligible for admission in the hostel subject to the availability of seats.
  2. Admission is granted on the basis of academic merit.
  3. Applications for admission should be made on prescribed form obtainable fiom Hostel Superintendent.
  4. Admission to the hostel is granted by the Director upon the recommendation of Hostel Admission Committee.
  5. The students, who are finally allotted accommodation, are required to occupy the same within 3-days of the issue of allotment, failing which their seats may be cancelled.
  6. Payment of hostel dues must precede actual possession of seat in the hostel.
  7. Students belonging to Islamabad/Rawalpindi city are not allowed hostel Facility.
  8. Willing cooperation and readiness to act on the rules, regulations and instructions issued by the hostel authorities is a per-requisite for continuous occupancy of hostel. Any complaint/inquiry against the conduct etc. will automatically be considered as disqualification for admission to the hostel.


Hostel dues are deposited in the accounts branch of the college. Failure to pay the dues within the due date shall render the boarder ineligible for availing hostel accommodation facilities. In addition to regular dues, any breakage of utensils or any other item is recovered from the boarders.





Mess is run by a mess committee selected by the superintendent in consultation with the Warden. The expenditure is audited by a staff member appointed by the Director.


The expenditure incurred towards Mess in a month will be divided proportionately amongst the residents according to the mess attendance of each student and the boarders are expected to defray the charges accordingly.


  1. Meals shall not be served in the rooms.
  2. Meals shall be served during the timings fixed by the hostel authorities.
  3. Mess dues must be paid by the 10"‘ of each month.
  4. Notice for not taking meals must be given at least 24-hours in advance.
  5. Special diet would be given only on the recommendation of the Medical Oflicer and on payment of extra-charges.
  6. Extra meal for guests would be given with the written permission of the warden and would be paid for by the individual concerned.
  7. All complaints of the students in respect of food or any other inconvenience shall be reported to the hostel warden.


Compulsory study is a necessary condition for the grant of accommodation in the hostel. Students must study for at least 2-hours daily during night afier dinner at timings to be fixed by the Hostel Warden.


For providing an atmosphere worthy of a good educational institution, the boarders are required to observe the following rules of conduct. Stem action may be taken against the violators.

  1. Boarders are required to observe complete harmony and peace within the premises of the hostel and shall not engage in any activity subversive to law and order or to the instructions issued by the warden.
  2. Creation or causing of any noise or disturbance at the premises is not allowed.
  3. Hostel living shall be above moral lapses.
  4. No boarder shall indulge in any amusement which disturbs other boarders.
  5. The boarders are absolutely prohibited to keep licensed or unlicensed arm or any other weapon of destruction with them in the hostel.
  6. The furniture and fixture of the hostel shall neither be removed nor damaged in any manner. Any damage to the hostel property shall be recovered from the boarder concerned.
  7. Drinking/Smoking/Use of drugs or any similar activities are strictly prohibited. Such individuals will be expelled from hostel.
  8. Playing of cards in the rooms is prohibited. However, for recreational activities, the boarders may use the common room, the timing of which may be notified by the hostel authorities.
  9. Acts leading to unsanitary conditions in or around the hostel are contrary to hostel living.
  10. Each boarder is expected to make his bed and arrange his wardrobe properly before he leaves his/her room.
  11. The rooms of boarders are liable to inspection by the Director or Committee appointed by the Director.
  12. Guests are not allowed to stay over-nights in the hostel except with prior approval of the Warden.
  13. Entry of persons considered to be against the interest and discipline of the hostel shall stand prohibited.
  14.  Radio-sets, Tape-recorders or Record-players are not allowed in the living rooms.
  15. While living in the hostel, it is supposed that a boarder shall neither be a borrower nor a lender. Accordingly, complaints in this regard shall not be entertained by the Hostel Warden.
  16.  Pets are not allowed. Likewise private servants are disallowed.
  17. lt is obligatory on the occupants to keep their room locked in case of absence.
  18. Cooking inside the rooms is prohibited.
  19. No boarder is allowed to leave the hostel without prior permission of the Warden.
  20. Boarders will not remain in the hostel except when indisposed, while college is functioning or when their classes are in progress.
  21. A medical fitness certificate has to be provided at the time of Admission.



The boarders are advised not to keep valuables in their rooms.


Electrical appliances shall not be used except with prior approval and after defraying the necessary charges thereof. Unauthorized electrical connection is punishable with heavy fine. The lights at night must be put off afier the study hours and those found keeping the light of their rooms on without any purpose shall be heavily fined.


A boarder seeking leave to stay away for one or more nights from the hostel, will inform the warden. If any student is found absent from the hostel without leave, he/she shall be liable to any penal action. Any boarder who develops habits of coming late during nights may be expelled from the hostel. He/She may as well be removed from the rolls of college on the recommendation of the warden in this respect.


The boarders are supposed to leave the hostel after the termination of final examinations. Staying beyond this limit shall be possible only as a very special case and afiersecuring special permission from the Warden. For leaving the hostel, a boarder is required to apply to the Warden for permission to leave afier clearing the necessary dues. The outstanding dues may also be recovered from the security of the defaulters.

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