The college has an extensive library system, open to students and faculty members, comprising an outstanding collection. It is spacious, well organized and has good collection of latest books and periodicals for the users. At present, library holds more than 18000 books for users. The library books are issued to all student members possessing library cards. At present library caters the needs of more than 500 students daily. The library is being continuously updated with the latest editions of relevant books.

The students, therefore, must observe library rules as specified below.


  1. Books shall be issued for a period of 10-days only and must be returned/renewed on or before the due date.
  2. A book shall be renewed/re-issued only if it is not required/reserved by another borrower.
  3. A fine of Rs. 10/- per day per book shall be charged for a book which is over due.
  4. Not more than two books shall be issued at a time to a student.
  5. If a book is lost, its price will be deemed double after every five years.
  6. The borrower shall satisfy himself/herself, before the issuance of a book that it is in good condition and that no pages and pictures are torn or missing.
  7. The library staff shall inspect all books at the time they are being returned and shall satisfy himself regarding the general condition of a book.
  8. No borrower shall write upon, damage or give any remarks upon books or any other material belonging to the library.
  9. Reference books, Textbooks, Thesis, Newspapers and Magazines shall not be issued to any borrower.



FCE, in collaboration with UNESCO, has established a national ECE resource center. The center not only contains the indigenous material/kit, but also accommodates ECE material collected from various other organizations like UNICEF,CGN, TRC, ITA etc. ECE centre is meant to provide the prospective teachers with an opportunity for hands-on experience, in addition to theoretical knowledge, in the field of ECE. Moreover, the center also caters the needs of in-service teachers from all the provinces in terms of information and resource sharing for capacity building at ECE level.



With full amenities there are four science laboratories i.e. Physics Laboratory, Botany Laboratory, Zoology Laboratory, Chemistry Laboratory,To meet the needs of students, the college has three computer labs. This facility provides students and faculty with access to internet and to other computer related data.



The college tries its best to provide the bus facility as far as possible but it is not responsible for failure to do so under circumstances beyond its control,nor can the bus pick and drop the students from the points other than those fixed by the college. In-charge transport will determine bus route. He will check bus passes, decide time schedule and will allow use of bus.He will also be responsible to issue bus cards on payment, the cards will be issued on payment on monthly basis. However, the charges are subject to revision by the college administration from time to time.

In charge transport will also be responsible to introduce traveling system on card/ticket basis.

The transport facility can be denied to any student who:

  1. Misbehaves with his/ her fellows and bus staff.
  2. Has not paid transport charges.
  3. Does not keep student card and bus pass.
  4. Damages the bus.

Moreover, the student will pay the damage done to the bus and will be liable to major penalty for her/his misbehavior in the bus.


Bus Card is issued for availing the Bus facility. It carries the photograph of the student duly signed by the Director and states particulars of the student. Students must keep the Bus Card in their possession and must produce when demanded. A fine of Rs.50/- is charged for issuance of duplicate card.




A Dispensary/First Aid Room has been established in the college which is equipped adequately to provide medical treatment in case of minor injuries and ailments. A qualified dispenser looks after this facility.



The college magazine "PARAS" containing articles on various subjects by the students is published by the college. It provides an academic exercise to the promising writers among students and also helps to project the news and views about the college affairs.The magazine is published annually under the supervision of an Editorial Board consisting of senior staff members and student editors.



The College has three fully equipped computer labs.


The college council is the supreme body in all matters regarding maintenance of discipline and order in the college. The Director acts as the Chairman of the Council with one of the senior members of the faculty as secretary. If the council and three other members one of whom maybe the chief proctor or any other teaching staff member nominated by the director as co-opted member.Meeting of the council may be convened whenever it is necessary to deliberate on any case of indiscipline, misconduct, etc. The council may impose fine, suspension,rustication and compulsory migration (transfer certificate) or may cancel a student's admission depending upon the nature of offense. Decisions taken by the council are irrevocable.


The Proctorial Board consisting of Chief Proctor,Deputy Proctor, Proctors (teachers) and Class Representative (student) maintains discipline in and around the college.The Proctorial board has the power to impose fine, recommend expulsion of those who violate the college rules.




Student Council is student's organization intended to help promote College spirit and leadership among students. It is a healthy/positive activity for students within the institution / College. Student council often serve to take up student in learning about democracy and leadership. The student council helps to share students, ideas, interest, and concerns with teachers and college administration. It also help raise funds for college wide activities, including social events, community projects, Student council members learn administrative skills in addition to their formal education.

Students participating in council will maintain a high standard of personal conduct.Council members will demonstrate leadership qualities by serving as good example of behavior through their words and action. All council members will be expected to participate in approved activities, which will serve to enhance the quality of both educational and
behavior environment of the college.


  1. To develop positive attitudes and to practice good citizenship.
  2. To promote harmonious relations throughout the entire college.
  3. To improve student/faculty relationships.
  4. To improve college morale and general welfare.
  5. To provide a forum for student expression, through different students societies.
  6. To plan special events or projects.


  1. President (Masters)
  2. Vice President (B.Ed)
  3. General Secretary (B.S.Ed III)
  4. Joint Secretary (Diploma)
  5. Treasurer (B.S.Ed ll)
  6. Director FCE will be Patron-in-chief and final authority of the Council.
  7. The Council will function under the supervision of students Council Adviser.




National holidays are notified by Federal Government. Others vacations are observed according to the schedule approved by the Director/Ministry of Education. Generally the schedule goes with the other Federal Government Colleges. The Director, however, can slightly change the schedule of vacations for the college convenience.



The college observes various ceremonies during academic session in which special awards are given to the students for their outstanding performance in the academic/co-curricular activities during the session.



Annual day/Convocation day is held according to scheduled nature of occasion.Mostly, prominent personalities are invited on these occasions.



The college Sports Board, consisting of the In-charge of different games, is headed by a senior staff member of the college who is responsible for the conduct of sports in the College. The Head of Physical Education department acts as a Secretary of the board.The board makes necessary arrangements for sports and prepares the students for participation both in the Board and University tournaments. Rules framed by the board are binding on players of different games. Sports week is celebrated in the month of March, in every year.



Co-Curricular activities are encouraged. Co-curricular activities include essay competition, college magazine, speech contest, Quiz program, excursion trips,sports, games, seminars participation in social services. There are different committees formed to organize different activities such as:Magazine, Sports, Recreational, Media, Security, Proctorial Committee.



Organizing seminars under all programs by the students under the supervision of faculty is a unique and regular feature of FCE. The seminars help in grooming and personality development of the students and build their confidence along with the communication skills.

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